Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Won't The 100 MPG Vehicle Be Built?

One Billion Dollars To Develop A 100 MPG Vehicle
     Wow, that's a lot of money so I'm sure the big three will get right on developing 100 mpg vehicles. Or will they? The reasons why it might not happen. It really sounds good like a new X Prize for Fuel Efficiency. The last one was for ten million dollars and the vehicles that came out of it were not really something you could go down to your dealership and purchase.

The Reason These Vehicles Might Not Be Built

  • The cars could not be electric
  • The cars could not be Hybrid
  • The cars must be built in America by and American Incorporated Company
  • They must be mid size
  • The auto maker must sell 60,000 units to win the prize of one billion dollars
Why Is Dan Lungren Putting Forth This Bill
     The bill is called the Excellence in Energy Efficiency Act known as HR 3872 which is the republican counterpoint to the democrats support for electric vehicles and hybrid technologies. I believe that this is an attempt to appear to be supporting some type of energy efficiency without really accomplishing anything significant. Now a 100 mpg car that sold sixty thousand units would be significant, I would love to see it and I would love to own one. I simply don't think that one billion dollars is enough to bring that vehicle to market successfully. I believe that we will get to one hundred mpg a lot faster through hybrid technology than simply gas technology? What do you think? Let me know in the comments? How much would you be willing to pay for a vehicle that gets 100 mpg?

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