Saturday, January 21, 2012

New LED's For The City of Monterey Ca

Antigua Style Street Lighting by Rudy A. Girón City of Monterey Ca Replacing Sodium Lights With LED's
     Back in the 80's the new thing in energy efficiency was high pressure sodium lights for cities and municipalities looking to save money on a yearly electric bill that could run thousands of dollars depending on the number of lights they were running. Now for the City of Monterey Ca they are replacing those old school high pressure sodium lights with much higher efficiency LED lighting. This will be for all the street lights and the lights in the tunnels around Monterey. The city plans to change out about 1900 lights and fixtures because the new LED's won't go into the old fixtures. In the end this comes at a large cost, this project is costing about $900,000.00 which is pretty much about what a nice ocean view cottage runs in Monterey. But the upside is the change over to the high efficiency lights will save the City of Monterey about $100,000 a year annually. Now that's real money. So the loan they city gets to pay for the project will be paid back in about nine years and after that it's $100,000.00 in savings. The City of Monterey is going green to save some green. I'm sure with this experience and if it works out for them and the savings come they will be looking at other ways to go green and save money in city coffers during these times of spending cuts. 
Antigua Style Street Lighting
a photo by Rudy A. Girón on Flickr.

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