Monday, January 2, 2012

Get The Eco Fan

Get The Eco Fan
The Eco Fan is a pretty unique little fan. It is a fan that you place on top of a wood stove or pellet stove. Then Eco Fan uses heat conductive technology to produce a small amount of electricity to power a fan. What the Eco Fan requires to work? Well it must be placed onto a hot surface more than 150 degrees F. So either a wood burning stove or pellet stove, they also make an Eco Fan for gas stoves. The Eco Fan must also be placed near the back of the stove or to the side so it can get some cool air at the back otherwise the it won't get the cold air that it needs. Because it needs both Hot at the base and Cool air at the top in order to create the right conditions to produce electricity to power the Eco Fan.
I first saw this fan in action at my nephews house when I went to see thier new baby and I just couldn't get over how simple and easy it was. It just sits on their wood stove top and when they build a fire next thing you know the fan blade starts turning as if by magic. So I have to know how it works of course so he explains the whole thing to me. It is a pretty amazing little fan. Not to mention ti blows the heat from the wood stove all around the room. So it really helps to conserve energy. I will be getting one of these soon.

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