Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vac From The Sea

Electrolux Vac From The Sea
     Recently when The Electrolux vacuum company was having trouble sourcing recycled plastic at a good price in the marketplace they came up with an interesting and useful idea. Remember that big plastic wasteland the size of Texas floating in the ocean it's known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Well what if they took a boat out there and picked enough plastic up to make their vacuums. They would save all that money on buying plastic they would pull a bunch of trash out of the ocean and they would get PR literally by the boatload so to speak. So they get to go from this company that's a large user of plastic to someone who at least on the surface looks green. That's worth a lot in today's marketplace.
     So, what if this idea spread to other users of plastic that instead of making more we just sourced it out of the ocean. Now do I think we could get rid of the garbage patch. I don't know I almost think it could be self sustaining resource unfortunately as we use more plastic more goes into the ocean and we take it out to produce more things. Then those things go into the oceans in a cycle. Terrible thought isnt' it.
     This could start a whole new industry. Instead of Electrolux going into the ocean and picking up plastic or whatever company decided to do this next,  there would actually be an industry that got built around best practices and the most efficient uses of technology and ships and crews. Then the price of getting this plastic would drop substantially and more of it would be used. Because who knows it might have cost Electrolux more to get the plastic then it was worth on the market but it was worth it from the PR side of things. So what company will be next. Who can you think of that uses large amounts of plastic that would love to have a cheaper supply and could use a dose of PR.
     Think of all this plastic as oil. Because when you break it all down it's oil. That's what we use to make plastic. We don't want it in the Ocean. It would be nice if it was in a fuel efficient vehicle but it's in the ocean instead we need to find a way to get it out. I think this is the beginning of a way and a reason. It just has to be economically viable to work.
     Can't you see the Craigslist add now? Large amount of recycled plastic you pick up.

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