Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eco Garden Girls At West End Celebration

Eco Garden Girls At The West End Celebration    
Yesterday I attended the West End Celebration in Sand City Ca. One of the booths I stopped at was the Eco Garden Girls their product is simple yet unique and very green. You can check out their products at Eco Garden Girls on Facebook They work in an office that gets a lot of Styrofoam boxes in the mail. They were tired of throwing these boxes away, which are the size of those small ice chests, so they found a way to reuse them. They paint them on the outside fill the bottom with broken Styrofoam and the rest with dirt. Then they paint beautiful scenes on the front mostly fish or different designs and plant plants inside. So, you end up with a very unique beautiful planter that is made from a recycled product. The West End Celebration is  a really great event where all the local artists open up their studio spaces and you get to see their finished products as well as the ones that or works in progress. I like seeing that whole process and they get a chance to explain it to you as only they can. Another thing the West End Celebration is known for is being green. They have a green philosophy about everything from people at the recycling / trash containers helping you decide what is reclyclable and what's trash to all the products they displayed from the many green companies around the area and the state. Along with the artists and green products they have 12 different live bands over 3 days and good food and beer or wine to go with.  Today is your last chance to check it out until next year. Have fun.

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