Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love This Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Cookware

I Love This Green Earth Ozeri Ceramic Cookware
     These Green Earth pans by Ozeri are really a nice product, they are truly green which the color doesn't really go with my decor but the function of the cookware is the best. The color is straight out of the seventies remember those yellow fridges everyone had. That's how I feel about green colored cookware. But oh well. The reason I like these pans so well is that they are covered in ceramic so the nonstick coating will never come off in your eggs like traditional nonstick cookware. I mean let's face it after awhile it's like you don't even have to put pepper in your eggs but it still looks like you did. These use no PTFE or PFOE chemicals in the nonstick treating process. So it's definitely a lot better for your health than the other nonstick metal pans out there. I think I will get over the green color.

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