Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Cars Than Bikes Sold in Italy For The First Time Since WWII

More Cars Than Bikes Sold In Italy                                                                    
Bike Chic - (Day 3 Holiday 2011) by Kenski1970 

The Financial Crisis in Europe seems to be driving a return to the bicycle. For the first time since WWII there were more bicycles sold in Italy than cars. The home of the Italian super car. I mean who wouldn't want one of those under the tree this year. Another thing that drives this demand for bike is simply traffic. A lot of places in Italy the roads are tiny. I mean when you watch the Tour De France those beautiful country roads would make for a lovely summer drive or bike ride but would you like to have to pass a line of cars on that same road. In Italy this year they sold 1.75 million bikes compared to 1.748 million cars. So, it's a start, it doesn't make it where one Friday a month all the cars come out and drive haphazardly around the city during rush hour and stop everyone from going home but as more people ride and realize they get to their destination faster they will continue riding bikes.
How Would Looks Like In America
In 2010 there were 14.9 million bikes sold in America and 4.6 million cars. So where are all the bikes? Simple I would say most of these people are not commuting to work or the grocery store they are buying those bikes and riding occasionally or on weekends for fun. Most people here have not made the jump to hey I could get rid of one car and commute to work on my bike and not pay all this money for gas.
 Bike Chic - (Day 3 Holiday 2011), a photo by Kenski1970 on Flickr.
VIA Christian Science Monitor

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