Saturday, September 15, 2012

Greenwashing What Is It?

What is Greenwashing?
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Greenwashing is the what companies do when they want to appear to be a green Eco friendly company when in fact they are not. This is simply marketing as green is the new black right. It's popular now to say you are a green ecofriendly company. Not to mention it can affect your bottom line. I mean wouldn't it be nice if BP was a green company? Of course it would but the fact is it's an oil company and we all use oil in one form or another so how can BP be a green Eco friendly company? So basically a company will get their marketing company to highlight anything that their company does for the environment or any type of cleaner process for doing something that might really be terrible for the environment stamp a green label and even sometimes the color green as a cue that this is a green product. Now I am happy they are doing
things cleaner and maybe a little greener but at the end of the day it's just a way to make us buy more of their products that aren't really green.
Subtle Greenwashing
Subtle greenwashing is a different kind of greenwashing all together. I almost prefer the in your face hey this Hummer H3 is green because it uses new higher efficiency tires. Or something like that than subtle greenwashing. Simply because it's a lot easier for people to read through. It's not under the surface.
An Example of Subtle Greenwashing
An example of subtle greenwashing are like when you go into your hotel room and look at the wrapper for the toilet paper and what does it say made from 100% renewable resources. Umm of course it is it's all paper that's scored so you can tear pieces off. What else is it made of just trees and those are renewable right. Paper products are notorious for this type of thing because it's easy and simple and cheap. You don't have to make national TV commercials to convince anyone your oil company is greener than the next one you just have to stamp on your product that just happens to be 100% renewable that it is in fact renewable. That's easy right?
What Do You Do About Greenwashing?
There's not much you can do about all of this except to point it out especially to your kids or nieces and nephews because they will spread the word like wildfire. Because it's pretty funny thing when you see an oil company claiming to be green or a toilet paper company that is 100% renewable. Trust me they will point it out to everyone. They will be the ones that will take the value out of greenwashing. Because after all what do we truly want and need not greenwashing but actual green and Eco friendly behaviors by companies and that is what we should be rewarding with our dollars.

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