Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple Moves To Smaller Connector For Charger on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Gets a 19 Pin Connector Port
iPhone-23.jpg by ThiagoMartins
 The iPhone 5 will be getting a smaller charging port. Technology is moving on from the the current port with 30 pins. What does this mean for you. Well, technology moves forward bigger faster smaller and all of that. But at the end of the day you need to buy new chargers new speakers unless of course you all ready have a Blue tooth speaker system. All of those external products that you were able to connect to your iPhone for what the last 10 years or so. You really can't blame Apple as this is just how things in technology go. Hey if you make this connector smaller they might be able to give you a bigger battery etc. But, The bigger issue with this is how many of these products now end up in a landfill somewhere? They would have ended up there anyway right but now this just speeds their demise and further production of more products. You can't even use your current case on  your new iPhone 5 because the earphones will connect at the bottom so even that is out. The only positive is you might get a great deal on the iPhone 4S when the iPhone 5 comes out
What Will You Need To Replace If You Buy An iPhone 5?
In some ways there is a whole list of things but the good answer is for a few years a couple anyway I am sure Apple will have to put out some sort iPhone 4S iPhone 5 Adapter but even that will not cure all the problems. So most people have some sort of speaker system to connect to their iPhone. If that will accept the adapter then your set but if not, if it's too tight of a fit you may need to replace it. The companies and individuals that have gone to Blue tooth speaker systems were really ahead of the game on this, no connectors or adapters or anything else for them. Now what about the chargers in your cars and at the office etc. Those are easily replaced but probably at a cost of about forty dollars or so. I wonder what the true cost of this change is to the average iPhone user in terms of dollars after they buy the new iPhone. How much do they spend on new adapters, new chargers, new speakers, basically a whole new ecosystem for apple products.
Great For Manufacturers
This is great for manufacturers. I mean think about we are wondering how much all of this will cost us. The manufacturers are wondering how much all of this will make them. Think about it everything needs to be replaced. That will be a boon for the manufacturers of these products from cases to chargers to speakers to connectors for your car system etc.
My Hope For Apple
My hope for Apple is that they eventually embrace the micro USB charging as so many other high tech companies have done on their high end tech devices. This would be great for Apple's consumers as well as for the company since it is a much greener option. However Apple has never been known to be a company that follows the crowds and I guess that's why so many of us love their products.
 iPhone-23.jpg, a photo by ThiagoMartins on Flickr.

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