Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nest Learning Thermostat More Than a Pretty Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat
Nest's chameleon design blends with a green wall by Nest
Nest Learning Thermostat
The Nest Learning Thermostat is really unique, it's a thermostat which is something fairly utilitarian but when you see the model put out by the Nest designers it looks like something that came out of Apple Computer. In fact one of the designers worked at Apple before starting Nest. It even has a click wheel like the first iPod. Yes it's that beautiful but the question is do you want a two hundred dollar pretty thermostat hanging on your wall? Or, do you want a two hundred dollar thermostat on your wall because it's pretty and it saves you money in the long run? That's the question is it really worth it? The Nest Thermostat is a Learning Thermostat. What is a learning thermostat? A learning thermostat basically means that instead of putting in a schedule of daily temperature fluctuations that you want to be scheduled, like your normal thermostat you will basically change the temperature to what you want, when you want it. In a few days the Nest Learning Thermostat will learn what you like and what you don't like. Then it will keep the house to those temperatures. Now if you are home a couple of days or whatever don't worry you can change the temperature and it won't affect the Nest. Like I said it takes about a week for it to learn a new schedule or basically a new habit. One of the settings I like on the Nest is the Auto Away Mode. Basically the nest has a motion sensor and when it hasn't seen you in a few hours it will automatically set to the lowest temperature you have set for your home say 65 degrees. This is a really great feature for someone like me who is always away and when you are going out of town there is a list of things to do and one of the last on that list that is frequently forgotten is to turn down the thermostat. So my home is nice and toasty the whole time I am gone. This is not a problem with the Nest If your Nest is centrally located and you pass by it regularly throughout your time at home this works out great. However your Nest is located  in that place in your home that is not in your daily traffic pattern and you hardly ever go by it then you won't be able to use this feature.
Buy Nest Thermostat
Okay you have decided to Buy A Nest Thermostat What are your options? If you click the link at the left you can buy one at which is great that way the Nest will come to you. Other choices for buying the Nest are to go to The Apple Store or also they are available now at Best Buy. So there are a few different choices to get your Nest Learning Thermostat.
Other Features of The Nest
     The Nest Thermostat has many features I really like one of them is that it can be connected into your wifi network in your house so that software updates are automatic. This is a really great thing because let's face who is actually going to think to do software updates on their thermostats. We all have enough gadgets that need updating as it is. So this one will do it for you. Another great feature is the Web and Mobile apps for your energy history and usage. If you use Air Conditioning a lot in the summer the new Nest Airwave can save you a lot of energy. Basically it works like this in the summer when it's hot and your AC is on, your AC unit gets cold then when you shut off the AC the unit is still cold. What Airwave does is shut off the AC before your house reaches the desired temperature and leaves the fan running to circulate the warm air through your cold AC unit. That way it doesn't waste that energy, and your house still cools down to the desired temperature. So I think The Nest Learning Thermostat is more than a pretty Thermostat it will save you energy in your home. Nest's chameleon design blends with a green wall, a photo by Nest on Flickr.

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