Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UC Davis Named Nations Coolest School

UC Davis Has Been Named Nations Coolest School
Composting sign by Julien_VIn the annual rankings of Sierra magazine's greenest campuses once again University of California at Davis comes out at the top of the list. Their efforts to be a green campus have paid off and have been noticed. One of the first things you notice when you go to Davis and not just the campus but the actual town of Davis is that it's bike town USA. I mean there are bike here and there and bikes everywhere. One of the things highlighted by Sierra magazines publishers is the transportation system that includes about 20,000 bikes on campus. That is a huge number of bikes. Not to mention the new development of the West Village. West Village is a planned community that is the country's largest zero net energy community. Big things are happening in Davis. This only will get bigger as more and more students go through this University with so much emphasis placed on these green initiatives this will stay with these students as they leave campus and go off into their new lives and hopefully establish themselves elsewhere but take with them all these green ideas they learned at Davis.
Do You Go To A Cool School?
What I mean by that is what does your school do to help the environment? Do you have a large biking community? Do most people car pool to class or live on campus. Do you have a large community that is that is zero net energy? In other words should your campus be on this list next year. If not maybe you should get working. It only takes a few dedicated students and faculty to get something like this started. Davis didn't start with 20,000 bikes on campus they started with a couple hundred a few years ago or so and then students demanded more bike access and administrators allowed it and approved it. So it always starts small. So leave your campus better than you found it in four years. Good Luck.
Via Sierra
 Composting sign, a photo by Julien_V on Flickr.

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