Friday, January 13, 2012

Your Charger Is Going Green

Your iPad Charger Is Going Green
That's right your iPad charger is getting a greener makeover. Not just your iPad charger either every charger you have from your iPod to your cell phone from every brand to the Nintendo DS game system if you can get your kids to put them down long enough, to that rechargeable drill charger that's in the  garage that he will never let you clean up. So basically everything that has a charging system will basically have that charger redesigned with a chip or switch inside so that when the drill, game system, phone, iPod, or iPad is charged the charger stops drawing power from the electrical grid. Go to your charger that's plugged into the wall now. The one with nothing plugged into it and feel how warm it is to the touch. That's all the power you are using when it's not charging your devices. I wonder how much that costs you. Now consider how many people are in the state of California who have rechargeable devices that are constantly plugged in but not charging. That's a lot of wasted power. This new law is coming down from The California Energy Commission starting in 2013. It will only be for consumer electronics like cell phones and things like that then in 2014 it will expand into chargers for businesses and then in 2015 expand again into industrial applications. Business groups say this will inevitibly cost consumers and consumer groups say that the savings will offset the costs and scientists say it's better for the environment. Hopefully we will all save a little energy and consumer groups will be right and we will save over the long haul.

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