Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Green With Kindle

So does buying a Kindle Fire or E Reader let you live a greener life? After giving it much thought i think that is the case. I was a hard convert to the whole Kindle phenomenon myself. I am one of those people that loves the printed word in a paperback book that I got from a friend or bought from amazon or what ever. However when I borrowed a Kindle and saw how easy it was to buy books I started wondering how green this whole Kindle thing is. Just  the fact that there wasnt' someone cutting down a tree then making paper with the pulp then actually printing words on that paper and binding it together and putting the whole contraption in a warehouse until I ordered it. Then after I ordered it putting it in the mail and delivering it too many by plane train and automobile so I could a few days later go out and see the man in the brown truck drop a box on my porch for a few dollars of shipping, this is much greener. Because if I ordered it that way I would then have to take that packaging and then throw it away or recycle it and start that whole process over then when I was done with the book I would have to find someone who wanted to read it to give it too. Or I would donate it to the library or somewhere else. Now with the Kindle I buy the book there is no paper and it's delivered electronically no printing no delivery cost no mail cost nothing just simple transactions. I'm pretty happy with it overall what do you all think? Do you see this as a green product or not? Am I just kidding myself?

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