Saturday, November 5, 2011

Best Buy To Test Market Home Energy Products

Best Buy To Market Home Energy Products
     Best Buy announced that they will test market home energy products in three select stores in the near future. The stores for the pilot projects will be San Carlos Ca. Chicago Ill. and Houston Texas and if these stores are able to show customer interest and sales then the program will be expanded to other markets. I think this is a really great thing that Best Buy is doing. Mind you they are not doing it out of the kindness of their heart but to make a dollar and their is nothing wrong with that either.
     What I think is great about this is the fact that such a large retailer with almost a cult following is testing out energy efficiency products. Not only will they be selling them but think about the last time you went to Best Buy say to buy a wireless modem someone was there to help you out and if you wanted to pay a little extra they would come to your house and set up your whole wireless network for you. I believe if this sales push goes national of these types of products and the support of how to use them and setting them up and installing them is their,  then the energy savings and money savings will be automatic. So hopefully this push by Best Buy is successful.

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