Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alaska State And Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

Alaska State and Federal Energy Efficiency Programs
The state of Alaska has many programs to promote energy efficiency and energy production. So if you live in Alaska take advantage of as many of these programs as possible it will help with your energy usage and bills as well as your tax bill in some cases.
Brown bear and salmon by Ken Bondy
Alaska Local Option Property Tax Exemption For Renewable Energy Systems
If you install any type of renewable energy system in your home that system will be property tax exempt. This includes Photovoltaic Solar Panels, Solar Hot Water, Biomass, Wind, Geothermal Electric and other generation methods. This is a great deal you get to improve your home lower your energy bill and not be taxed on the improvements to your home.

Alaska Golden Valley Electric Association Sustainable Natural Alternative Power SNAP Program

For photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, landfill gas, biomass, small hydroelectric, tidal energy, wave energy.
This program pays a flat $.30 per kWh for energy produced by any of the above means. This is really a great program. 

Alaska Energy Efficiency Rate Reduction Program
This is a great program and pretty simple. You simply purchase a home that is rated with a 5 star or 5 star plus energy rating and the state will give you a .25% - .50% rate reduction on the first $200,000.00 of your home loan. After that amount you will get a blended rate. So this is really simple and a great way to lower your interest rate on a new home in Alaska.

 Brown bear and salmon, a photo by Ken Bondy on Flickr.

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