Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Does Eco Friendly Mean To You?

     What does Eco friendly mean to you? That's a good question and everyone has a different answer. Does it mean that you never use plastic bags and are always the carpool mom. Or does it mean that you always ride your bike. You don't own a car and wouldn't consider it. Those are two opposites and they are pretty far apart. Those too you's probably wouldn't hang out together over coffee. But, who knows your a nice person so maybe the two you's would. But the point of this is going Eco friendly can mean one thing to me and another to you and it's about doing what you can while still living your life. Because let's face it if you make it too hard then people won't do it. If they won't do it then they won't embrace it and get their friends to do it too. So whatever it means to you keep it up. Then try to get more people to do it. If you can't do that then just support businesses who are Eco friendly. It can be so many different things. Whether you  recycle, reduce the stuff you buy or the packaging it comes in. Make sure the trash actually goes in the trash can and not on the curb to be blown to who knows where then into our water. All of these are being Eco friendly.
Going Green takes many forms
     Living Eco friendly or going green takes so many forms. So one person may look down on another because hey they always use the paper bags at the grocery store and never bring their own. But in reality the truth is that person who uses the paper bags may grow a lot of his or her own vegetables so they don't have to use as many bags or trips to the store in the car. So it all goes back to what is being Eco friendly to you that fits in your lifestyle and that is not too hard to do or to expensive. Because if any of those things happen to hard to expensive doesn't fit in your life, then you won't do it and neither will the rest of the country or world.

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