Friday, June 1, 2012

Bike Parking in Downtown Areas

Bike Parking in Downtown Areas
     I lost the picture and don't know where I saw this at but I will find it. But, have you seen this phenomenon in your city where in the downtown areas the city leaders with cooperation from bicycle groups are placing bike racks in random areas in the downtown areas. Usually in front of local coffee shops or other businesses. The bike racks usually take up the space of about two parking spaces so it removes the availablility of the two parking spaces for cars but frees it up for up to fourteen bikes or so. They are moving these racks around the city to see where they are getting the most bang for their buck so to speak or the most use anyway from the biking public. Would you like to see this in your city and if you city did something like this would it encourage you to ride your bike more? It seems like at first the business owners are the first to complain about the loss of parking in front of their shops but within a couple of days of the install of the bike racks most of them seem to be pretty happy about the whole deal.

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