Friday, April 27, 2012

Be Eco Friendly With a Pallet Bike Rack

No-Cook Pallet Bike Rack by lowtechatmoA Pallet Bike Rack For You
     We have all seen it, you walk into someones garage and you see their bikes hanging by one wheel from the rafters. Or they are in the dorm room hanging from a dorm room bike rack. Or I 
Garage Bike Rack                          have even seen some bike racks bolted to the walls. Now that option is going to cost you some green when you move out. Here is a simple option for you to rack your bikes in the garage or even in your dorm if you have some mats to put them on so the grease doesn't get on the carpet.
You Need a Pallet Bike Rack
     The Pallet bike rack can replace all those other bad choices. It's just a couple of pallets and a couple of those Simpson Brackets that cost a buck. Some people say hey you are taking these pallets out of the transportation stream, and simply making something that is used over and over again into a single use item  which is not very green. This is true. What do you think of this? The reason I do actually think this is a green idea is that it puts your bikes right out in your garage where they are handy and you don't have to get them down from the rafters or work all those pulley things or whatever just to get your bike out for a ride. So I think this is green because you will ride your bike more than you drive your car? What say you? If you are still not convinced you can buy them for a few dollars from any store so that solves that problem. Or if you want to be really handy you could actually build your own pallets. Hey that's kinds cool then you could put all kinds of things that you want on their, like wider slats for downhill tires and things like that.
How To Build A Pallet Bike Rack
     Building a pallet bike rack is simple you can easily build one with just two pallets and a wall to lean it on then simply slide the tire of your bike into the slats of the pallet sitting on the floor and the one leaning against the wall. Now if you want to get really fancy you could make a free standing pallet bike rack with hinges that connect the two pallets and a couple Simpson  brackets that keep the pallets at a 90 degree angle but I like the leaning against the garage wall version. Then hey when you are done with it put it back into the transportation stream. Good luck with your project and have fun.
No-Cook Pallet Bike Rack, a photo by lowtechatmo on Flickr.

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