Saturday, June 30, 2012

California State Parks Avoid Most Cuts

California State Parks Mostly Saved From Budget Cuts
Save California Parks     At one time more than 70 state parks were on the list to be closed due to budget cuts in the State of California. As everyone knows California is in a continual budget crisis and must do what is can to find money and state parks is just another thing to close to save that much needed cash. When the list of 70 parks was put out there were many favorites of many people around the state. California is an outdoor state. I grew up in California and I remember backpacking and camping in many of California's state parks and boating on the lakes and kayaking on the creeks in many of these parks. So when you talk of closing 70 parks trust me many people will speak up and ask what they can do to help.
Private Donors and Foundations Support State Parks
     So what has come out of all of this is support for many of California's state parks from many many individuals and Foundations and even some companies. Because let's face it if you always take your family camping in a certain park every summer what do you tell the kids hey we let the park close. No, there are many talented people in California that can use their skills to raise money and secure funds for individual parks or even groups of parks in certain geographical areas. Or for some businesses if you are the local business that state park down the road just might make your whole summer or your whole year with the increased traffic from boaters and RV's and families going camping. So, it would be in your best interest to make a donation to keep that park open.
Take Your Kids To a State Park
     Take your kids to a state park and maybe go camping or fishing or even a hike. After all it's easier to live a green life and appreciate what you are trying to help save when you can look around and see it for yourself. It's one thing to say I'm trying to protect the environment but it's another to go hiking on a trial and see that environment for yourself. Not to mention it instills those memories in your children that hey this is what we are doing this for not just because mom says so.
Where do California Parks Stand Now
     Currently there are only five California parks that have failed to find enough outside support and donors willing to support them. The five that could use your help are Benicia State Recreation Area, The California Mining and Mineral Museum, Gray Whale Cove State Beach, Zmudowski State Beach, and Providence Mountains State Recreation Area. So if you want to support California state parks either support one near you or support one of the five on the chopping block.
No Better Cause, a photo by ingridtaylar on Flickr.

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