Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apple Abandons Green Standard on New Products

Apple Abandons Green Standard on New Products
Apple inside II by Sant'Anna Silveira     Apple Computer has been a leader in green computing technology receiving the Gold Standard every year since 1997 from EPEAT which stands from Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. EPEAT is a leading standard in green consumer electronics. 
Apples decision on EPEAT
     I think this mainly came about with their new retina displays on the new Mac Book Pro. Previous to this product macs and all the other products have been fairly easy to repair with sub assemblies that if you had the right tools you could easily take them apart. With the new Mac Book however that is not the case. 
What Does This Mean For Apple?
     In the short term it means nothing. We will probably still buy their products because let's face it they are good products. However school districts have policies on how much of their electronics have to be sourced from green electronic sources. That has been one of Apple's capstone ideas from the old days put computers in the schools and you make customers of the students. Will Apple lose that or do they need that now that they are a huge company. The next thing they will lose is the Federal Government as 95% of their electronics have to come from green sources. 
What Do You Think?
     Will Apple abandoning it's green ideals make you consider another company when you are buying a computer or phone next time? Let me know in the comments.
Apple inside II, a photo by Sant'Anna Silveira on Flickr.

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