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Teens Wait Longer To Drive

Teens Wait Longer To Drive
Dodge Charger by jbspec7 
Teens Wait Longer To Drive
As soon as I hit sixteen years old me and all my friends couldn't wait to get our drivers license's it was a right of passage for every sixteen year old kid that I knew. You go down to the DMV and take your driving test as soon as you can convince your parents to take you. Then somehow convince them to help you buy some clunker of a car that you will fix up so you will have a way to get around. But, now it seems teenagers are waiting to drive longer and longer. For several different reasons really. 
Some of The Reasons Teens Are Waiting
Teen Driving Laws
In several states there are harsh teen driving laws that regulate teen driving. For instance in California if you are a teen driver between the ages of 15 and a half and 18 years old you will be given a Driver's Permit. You must drive with a Driver's Permit for at least six months before you are able to apply for a Driver's License. Teenagers with a provisional permit may only drive with an adult 25 or older in the vehicle. Once you pass the all the tests and actually get your driver's license you still have restrictions. You cannot have any passengers under the age of 20 in your vehicle and no driving between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. This restrictions is for one year. Now when I was a kid I looked forward to cruising around with my friends and going out late or taking a girl on a date. Well, with these types of restrictions on your license none of that is possible.
Technology is another reason teens are waiting to drive. For a couple of reasons really. One being that teens would rather spend $100 dollars a month on a smart phone plan, than that same money on insurance. Let's face it cars cost money and they can't connect you on Face book. But in the car you can drive over to your friends house and see what they are up to. In today's modern world a teenager would rather go onto Twitter or Face book than actually drive over to the same friends house. Not to mention if one or the other has moved with the economy and jobs situation then it may not be just across town it may be across the country but you can still connect on a social network just like your right there.
Families are Moving Closer To City Centers
Families are moving out of the suburbs and into the down towns to cut back on commute times not to mention the fact that it puts them closer to friends and family. They are also able to use services that they left behind when they originally left the city in the first place such as library's and colleges and medical facilities without having a long commute in their car.
This is Great For The Environment
This is really great for the Environment. All of these shorter commutes and less kids buying cars therefore driving less is great for the environment. Because if they don't buy the car then they will ride their bike or get a ride with a friend or their parents or simply ride the bus. So all these options become available and normal to them if it's something they have always used. Not to mention it is cheap compared to gas, insurance and upkeep on a car. For instance this summer you can get a bus pass you you and your bike for my whole county for $43 dollars. That is cheap that won't even buy most people a tank of gas around here.
Dodge Charger, a photo by jbspec7 on Flickr.


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