Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reusable Water Bottle Choices

Reusable Water Bottles
plastic water bottles We are all trying to cut back on our use of plastic and throw away single use items and one of the ways to do this is with the simple single use plastic water bottle. I mean think about how many of them we have simply thrown in the trash over the years. Man if I had a quarter for every one that I have thrown in the trash I would probably be rich. Now I am switching over to a reusable water bottle. Reusable plastic bottles can help cut back on the amount of plastic you throw away simply by letting you fill them up at the tap and going on your way instead of getting a new bottle of water out of the fridge every time you want some water. I mean who would have thought way back when we would actually pay for water by the bottle. If you think about it we pay more for it than we pay for gas and no one bats an eye at that. But we all do it day in and day out. So my plan to stop throwing away plastic bottles is simple I will use a refillable glass bottle day to day and when i am somewhere where I don't have a filtered tap to refill my bottle I will use a refillable filtered water bottle.
Glass Water Bottle
I really like the glass refillable water bottles. They just seem nicer than having a single use plastic bottle that you refill over and over again and it's something you can wash in the dishwasher and not have to worry about the buildup of bacteria like that single use plastic bottle. My favorite refillable glass bottle is the Takeya glass water bottles for in the 22 ounce size. I know at the end of the day if I have emptied that a couple of times then I have had my daily intake of water. Not to mention it comes with a sleeve for a little bit of protection.
Filtered Water Bottles
I prefer Filtered Water Bottles whenever i am out at the park or someplace where I really don't know the quality of the water I am drinking. So I always take a filtered water bottle when i am at the park or walking the dog or what have you. This is a good one also when you are filling up even from the school drinking fountains. I like the Brita 24 ounce bottle with filter. It's a good deal and it comes as a two pack with a filter. So at this cheap of a price you get two fairly large water bottles so there is not excuse not to drink water and no excuse to be using single use plastic bottles and throwing them in the trash or even the recycling bin.
Plastic Water Bottles Mountain Ice Hunger Takes Flight KFB May 20, 20107, a photo by stevendepolo on Flickr.

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