Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sometimes I Just Want The Big Can

How the Size of Your Trash Can Affects Recycling Efforts

Trash Can Serial Numbers by Paul GarlandSo I get my curbside trash service from Waste Management Inc. The behemoth trash hauling company that basically handles anything trash or garbage related. They also handle all sorts of recycling of many different household products and for this I applaud them. I have been living in my house for around three years and I had those little bins that you have to stack together for my curbside recycling for around a year or so and I have to tell you they were practically worthless especially on a windy day. Since then your recyclables would be flying down the street and do your neighbors really need to know what applesauce you buy? No, they don't, but they do if they live downwind from me. However soon we got the fancy rolling trash and recycling bins with the closing lids and all was well in the world until today. It didn't really bug me that all my trash didn't fit in my little trash can I just had to recycle more. I mean hey don't I have a blog about green living and all of that anyway well with this little trash can you need to recycle as much as you can or everything won't fit. So I was fine with the status quo and everything was great it would be nice to have a little bigger trash bin but hey who really cares until today when I noticed that everyone on my block has a bigger trash can then me. What is the world coming to? Did I not get invited to the big trash can party or what? I mean is it really a big deal? No, it's not really a big deal and I have been going along just fine until today. Yet, part of me is saying hey I am going to call Waste Management and get a bigger trash can. But, the bigger part of me is thinking hey I have gotten along just fine with this little trash can and recycling more for the better  part of a year and a half so if I got a bigger can then I would probably just spend more money and not recycle as much as I am basically forced to now. 

I have another question for you could you get by on a smaller trash can from your trash provider and how much do you pay for trash service monthly? 

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Trash Can Serial Numbers, a photo by Paul Garland on Flickr.

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