Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 Low Flow Shower Heads To Save Water In The Shower

Save Water With Every Shower
low flow shower head by TarynMarieIf you are like me you  have an older home and the shower head as well as all the other fixtures in the house are not exactly modern low flow models. Not to mention the cabinets and sinks and floors are not exactly modern either but that's for another post and another few thousand dollars. But, modern shower heads that actually save water and at the same time 
will give me a shower that really feels like a real shower and the water is not just dripping out that is what I am looking for. So, it has really taken a while but I have narrowed the list down to five modern low flow to save water yet they will still give you a shower that feels like the old fashioned shower head that just dumps water on your head. So here is my list of shower heads and one that I just couldn't believe the price this is the most expensive shower head I could find and no it's not low flow but I just couldn't believe the price.

Old Style Shower Head Flow Rate

So, if you just bought that old house or if you have had it for a long time and you still have those shower heads that you love because man they just put out a lot of water lucky you or not so lucky you. How much water does an old style shower head put out? An old style shower head puts out about 7 gallons of water per minute. Wow, can you believe that? How much water is seven gallons a minute. Well you can plug up your tub and turn on the water for one minute and see for yourself and hey by the way save that water and at least water plants with it or do something useful with it don't just let it go down the drain. Another way to picture it is you know at Home Depot those big orange buckets they sell? Those buckets are five gallons so if you run your old school shower head for one minute you will fill up one and a half of those buckets. Then hey it's at least easier to water the plants that way. Now how many minutes do we all usually shower for? I know I am bad I take about a 20 minute shower so that's about 140 gallons with the old style shower head.

Low Flow Shower Head Flow Rate

Now if you have been using the old style shower heads you see above how much water you have been just wasting. But when you see the low flow shower head flow rate you will see there is an answer because it's more than just water it's really money going down the drain every time we use more water than we need. So how much water does the average low flow shower head use per minute? Typically a low flow shower head flow rate will be anywhere from 1.25 gallons per minute to 3 gallons per minute. So as you can see it's quite a bit less than the old style shower head in the example above. Basically it's half and you still have a nice comfortable shower.

So here is my list of five low flow shower heads that I recommend. 

low flow shower head, a photo by TarynMarie on Flickr.

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