Friday, April 26, 2013

USPS Jumping Into E-Waste Recycling

How Much E-Waste Is In Your House?
Junk Drawer Organized With Temp Containers by ZayabibuOkay now go ahead open up that junk drawer. What do you have in there? I will tell you what is in mine. I have Batteries of all sizes including ones for flash lights and cameras I no longer use. I have old iPhones and iPods, Smart phones and dumb phones, and I don't know how many ink cartridges that I just haven't taken back to the recycle place. Oh and a couple of desktop computers in the garage that have been there since college days. Not to mention the laptop that just doesn't come on anymore. But the United States Postal Service is going to come to my rescue. They are going to liberate me of all of this junk that I no longer need. Heck I no longer needed it a long time ago. So What do I do with it. 
How do You Get Recycle Your E-Waste

You go down to the post office and get a postage paid envelope and place your e-waste in a postage paid envelope and mail it off to Clover Technologies Group a Chatsworth based company that recycles E-Waste. They beat out 19 other companies to provide this program for the United States Postal Service. The Postal Service believes that this will be a new revenue stream for the Post Office which has been losing money in the last few years. Not to mention that people like me will be able to get rid of all these things laying around in their junk drawers. 

Junk Drawer Organized With Temp Containers, a photo by Zayabibu on Flickr.

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